Bennett Building Systems and the oil field industry

Posted on 3 Jul 2008

Bennett Building Systems would like to take a moment and thank several businesses in the oil field or related industries. It has been a great year so far with several projects nearing final construction and several others in the design phase. We would like to thank 4-Star Hose & Supply, Inc, Multi-Chem, Gray-Wireline, The Wood Group and Oil Field & Mud Services for their patronage throughout 2007 and 2008.

4-Star Hose, a supplier of industrial hydraulic and general purpose hose, built an addition of 650 s.f. to a 15,500 s.f. facility Bennetts designed and built in 2005. Multi-Chem built a 16,500 s.f. facility to also support the oil field industry. Both 4-Star and Multi-Chem are located near the City of Cleburne, just south of the DFW area. Gray-Wireline built a 13,600 s.f. facility near the town of Cresson and is a services related company in the oil field industry.

Several companies are currently in the design phases of their projects. The Wood Group is currently in planning with Bennett Building Systems on a 13,500 s.f. facility which they are looking to locate somewhere near the DFW area. Also developing drawings and engineering is the Oil Field & Mud Services who are planning a new office to support operations in this area.

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